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What is a water dechlorinator?

water dechlorinator

Just what you think! It takes the chlorine out of water, up to 4 PPM.  The ZDe-Chlorinator attaches to any fire hydrants or domestic water supply and uses standard Vita-D-Chlor tablets to reduce the harmful chlorine effects it can have on the environment and aquatic life.

water dechlorinatorThe ZDe-Chlorinator is a simple, easy to use water dechlorinator for fire hydrant flushing programs and other water quality tasks. Made of lightweight aluminium with aircraft precision welds, the ZDe-Chlorinator:

  • Fits 2 1/2″ fire hydrant connection
  • Uses standard Vita-D-Chlor neutralizing tablets
  • Has adjustable diverter nozzle with removable diffuser
  • Includes removable screens for high and low flows





Water Dechlorinator Flyer



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