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Making Dechlorination Simple

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water dechlorinationNema200

NEMA – 100

                                                                                              NEMA – 200

NEMA 100 and NEMA 200 extension

NEMA 100 and NEMA 200 Extension

NEMA extension

NEMA Tablet Extension

NEMA 200B and 200C extension

NEMA 200B and 200C Extension

To save and preserve the environment and aquatic life from the harmful effects of chlorinated water, use ZDe-Chlorinator for all of your water dechlorination needs.

water dechlorinator              water dechlorinator

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Many states and public health agencies are getting serious about water dechlorination. 

Made in the USA with high-quality, lightweight aluminum, the ZDe-Chlorinator is the optimal choice for water department agencies in their water dechlorination needs! By using Vita-D-Chlor tablets, or standard neutralizing dechlorination tablets. The water that runs through the ZDe-Chlorinator is clean, safe and will help save the environment.